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Here is a list of a few frequently asked questions...

How can I open an account?  Either provide your information on the contact form or contact directly on 01252 545 611 or 07834 557 895 and we will set up your account for you.

What about customs paperwork? 
Part and Parcel are experts with customs paperwork. We will complete your paperwork for you.

Are you cheaper than going to direct to the carrier?
Yes. We can provide you a more competitive rate because of our excellent relationships and buying power.

How will I know once my item has been delivered? 
We will notify you once your parcel has been delivered.

What if something goes wrong with the delivery? 
In most cases we are already aware of any problems and will always attempt to rectify the issue. However, you can contact us at anytime.

Is my parcel ‘insured’?  Yes. Every parcel is 'insured' up to a value of £60, additional compensation can be added at a percentage of the value of the item(s).  Restrictions apply so please give us a call. 01252 545611 or 07834 557 895

Can I send without an account?  Yes. Simply call us on 01252 545 611 or 07834 557 895.

What do I need to send a parcel with you?  All you need is the weight and dimensions and the address you are sending to.

Do I have to drop at your depot?  No. We can arrange pick up from your home or business. Usually the same day. Call us on 01252 545 611 or 07834 557 895 to arrange pick up.

Do I have to call the courier direct to track my parcel? No. Part and Parcel will provide you with all tracking information.

Does my item need to be packed?  No. We can provide packing for you. Call us on 01252 545 611 or 07834 557 895 if you need packing for your item.Will I have to wait in for my collection?  No. We will arrange a time range for pick up. For example, between 10am and 11am.